10 Delicious Campfire Foods

Just thinking about campfires gets us hungry, and we love fire and food here at Liberty Machine & Custom Fabrication. We have compiled a delicious list of 10 gluttonous campfire recipes to help you plan the perfect weekend camping trip this summer. Take notes, grab your drool bib, and make a shopping list! Even if you’re not going camping any time soon, you can enjoy these great foods on your custom portable fire pit. We heard they enhance the flavor (wink, wink)! Also, invest in a cast iron skillet and aluminum foil; they are essential for any campfire “chef.”


Start the day off right with these dishes. They are crowd and kid pleasers, and flat out delectable. Okay, let’s be honest, we are all kids. We never grow up; our toys just get better.

  • This tin-foil wrapped campfire french toast tops our breakfast list. It’s gooey, crunchy, sweet, has some healthy fruit and nuts, and is enough to feed a few!
  • Have an ooey, gooey, good morning with these cinnamon roll-ups. Wrap these up on skewers and rotisserie them around and around until they are golden brown.
  • For those not so sweeties, this breakfast foil pack recipe will have you loosening your belt. Packed with hashbrowns, eggs and anything else you want to throw in there, this will wake up those taste buds for sure.


These mid-day dishes are a campfire twist on popular pub foods.

  • “Nacho” typical campfire yummy, however, these campfire nachos are sure to leave you satisfied.
  • Everyone likes mac and cheese, but we love campfire mac-n-cheese, and it is a great mid-day carb for all the hiking, fishing and beer-ing. They suggest starting these at home and making them portion size. However, we say take the ingredients with you and use that skillet! Plus, some of the ingredients are in most of the other recipes in our list, which makes it easy to make at your camp site.
  • These pigs-in-a-blanket skewers take weenie roasting to a whole other level.


Our dinner menu serves up an end of the day feast of deliciousness. Get these going while you’re settling in after a long day of nature and freedom.

  • All we have to read is “Easy Campfire Chili” and our guts get excited. Mix it up and gobble it up; this is a favorite for sure. And, if you plan right, this can be tomorrow’s lunch.
  • Campfire pizza! Oh yeah, you read that right! Gather up your favorite toppings for meat lovers, veggie-lovers or all in supremes because pizza over a fire is crispy, crunchy, cheesy, camping happiness.
  • This list wouldn’t be complete without steak. This is an easy turn and burn steak recipe, and if you wanted to get creative you could throw some potatoes and butter wrapped in foil to add to the meat.
  • S’mores – We weren’t going to leave these out! This is a delicious dipping twist on s’mores. This recipe is hands down a drool-worthy opponent to the traditional s’more.

Now, get off your computer, light your fire, and get to cookin.’