Attractive Finishing Options for Your Custom Metal Art

At Liberty Machine & Custom Fabrication, we are dedicated to making your custom metal art the best it can be. Maybe you want to finish a sign for your business or your home. Perhaps you want to give a piece of metal wall art to a friend as a gift. Regardless of its purpose, our team of metal workers is dedicated to giving you the finish your want for your metal art. Discover the finishing options we offer at Liberty Machine & Custom Fabrication.


Do you like the look of painted metal signs? If so, we can finish your metal art with paint. This is an attractive and affordable option that many of our customers take advantage of. You can go with a single color if you’re interested in an appealing finish for a low price. Or, you may prefer multiple colors on your metal art. We can give you a multi-color paint finish, but it does increase the cost due to the steps taken during the finishing process. You can decide on the surface appearance of your painted sign as well. Do you want a gloss, semi-gloss or flat paint? No matter what you choose, we can finish your metal art with a professional look.

Steel F/X

Steel F/X is a finish we use that gives a piece of metal art or a metal sign a memorable appearance. For instance, we can create a piece of rustic art by pre-rusting it, then sealing it. Or, we can put a thin coat of copper on metal to give you a unique-looking piece of copper art. Steel F/X is a versatile finishing material that costs a little more than paint but can provide you with exactly the appearance you want for your metal signs.

Clear Coat

The Rattle Can clear coat is available in semi-gloss, gloss and flat finish. Many people prefer this for pieces of art they plan to display indoors. We specialize in a two-part automotive clear coat for our projects because it provides extra protection against UV rays and can be waxed. Of course, this makes it a good choice for outdoor metal signs, as well. The high gloss shine is impressive from any distance.

At Liberty Machine & Custom Fabrication, we take pride in our finishing work. Our customers appreciate our attention to detail and the beautiful results we provide.

Call us today at 208-514-0054 and let us help you finish your metal art in a way that exceeds your expectations.