Interested in commissioning custom metal art?

Maybe it’s for Christmas. Maybe it’s for the day you open your own business. We need to mark those moments with a gift that will last forever. Maybe now is the time to think about commissioning a custom metal art piece built expressly for you. Commissioning a custom metal art piece can include almost anything you can imagine for metal design, but there are a few things to know before you start.


We’d love to talk with you about making your dreams a reality, and one of the first questions we’ll ask is how big you’d like your project to be. Liberty can take on projects in a wide range of sizes, including everything from a classic small family sign welcoming visitors (or warning away the uninvited) all the way to a bold signature piece of wall-sized abstract art. No matter the size, your project is important to us.


Where will your custom piece go? Location is an important factor. Whether you want a unique design that you can hang on your interior wall or a bold and iconic sign mounted outside on poles over the driveway, we want your custom piece to last a long time. With that in mind, we’ll probably be asking you about what kind of finish options appeal to you. (Watch for future posts about our finishes!) Of course, the bigger the sign, the more it’s going to weigh, so we’ll need to keep that in mind before we start the fabrication process.


We know the larger and more complex a piece, the more expensive it tends to be, but at Liberty, we’re happy to work within your budget and offer you realistic designs and finish options you can choose from. It’s also important to remember that for your own personal pieces or your company logo, we ask you to pay a non-refundable fee to have a proof designed, but if you decide to have that piece made, we’ll apply that fee to your purchase.


Our artists are here to help you realize your vision. Do you love the outdoors? Your custom piece can celebrate the mountains, the trees, or even your favorite bird dog on a duck hunt. Let’s say you’re thinking big. Maybe you want to craft a unique wall design or a 3-D sculpture. With Liberty Metal’s plasma table and shears, we can precision-cut steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and other metals the way you want. Feel free to have fun and think creatively — we can design 3-D models and produce your ideas right here in town.

You may not have commissioned a custom metal art piece before, but now might be the time to do just that. Come on over and talk to us about your ideas.