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Welding & Fabrication Services

Outstanding Welding and Fabrication Services for a Variety of Applications

Whether we’re working on a fire truck’s plumbing, or designing a metal art fixture, our priority is always the same: outstanding service and flawless quality. At our shop in Middleton, Idaho, our technicians will work with you to take your project from concept to reality. No matter what the context is, our specialty metal welding & fabrication services can help. Explore our specialties below, or get your project started today by getting in touch.

Using Powerful, Cutting-Edge Software

Professional 3D Modeling

Modeling Services

Need a CNC job done but don’t have the time or skill set to generate a 3D CAD model on your own? Our expert 3D modeling services will work with you to translate your vision into reality by providing you with modeling and technical drawings.


Seamless integration within the design environment, CAMWorks offers true associative toolpath programming automatically accommodating changes to the part model, which eliminates time consuming CAM system rework due to design updates.


We use the powerful SolidWorks modeling software to turn your ideas into a 3D CAD model. SolidWorks is a comprehensive design solution that allows us to build your model in a virtual 3D space, ensuring cutting-edge precision and quality control.

3D FDM Printing

Stratasys Fortus F450 prints a variety of materials, from basic ABS/ASA thermoplastics to nylon & carbon fiber compounds. Insight software allows for advanced programming.

Quality Work From Certified Technicians

Fire & Rescue

Fire & Rescue Modernization

Liberty Machine and Custom Fabrication is certified to work on fire truck plumbing and wiring. If you need to modernize or overhaul your emergency vehicle in Canyon Country or Ada County, we’ve got you covered.

Modernize your emergency vehicle instead of spending massive amounts of money replacing it. Our certified technicians can work on fire truck and emergency vehicle plumbing and wiring. From replacing halogen bulbs with LEDs to replacing black iron with stainless steel, we can make your vehicle more efficient and durable. Located in Middleton, Idaho, our shop can serve Canyon County, Ada County, and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.

Trusted Service From Experienced Professionals

Hydraulic Repair

Professional Hydraulic Repair

Have a hydraulic system that needs repairing? Whether you have a simple or complex hydraulic repair job in mind, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got it covered at our shop in Middleton, Idaho. If your hydraulic system is broken, our expert machinists will be able to get it back in order in no time. Our qualified machinists are experienced in maintaining and repairing hydraulic systems of all sorts and sizes from building hoses to rebuilding cylinders. Want to learn more about our hydraulic repair services, or want pricing information? Request an estimate today, and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible!

Precision Crafted For Unbelievable Accuracy

Shooting Accessories

Crafting From The Start

Our story started as a classic arms shop in Middleton, Idaho. We began building classic black powder arms, and continue to make precision crafter shooting accessories, from target stands to custom reload trays.

Target Stands

Need a top notch stand for your target practice? Our stands are expertly crafted using some of the most durable metal available, so you know they’ll stand up to whatever might come their way. We can also custom build gong targets for pretty much every caliber out there.

Our targets are made of powder coated steel that won’t rust.  They have fully adjustable height and width to fit any target, or to have multiple targets on one stand.  Wood stick bases provide stability so target won’t blow over in the wind.  Wood stick uprights are disposable, so no more worries about dinging up or ruining your target stand when sighting in or with new shooters.  Uses 1” x 2” wood sticks, not included.

Gun Racks

Our passion for metal work started with firearms and is what got us into this business to begin with. We continue to show our passion through our custom gun racks. These racks can be customized for the many different rifles you own and make a great additions to your at-home range.

Reloading Trays

Our top of the line, precision crafted loading trays will take your reloading game up a notch. Stop on by our shop and browse our selection, or ask about our custom welding and fabrication services.

Don't Have A Design? We're Here To Help.

We can help design 3D models and technical drawings right here at our shop in Middleton, Idaho.